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DORREA gaztandegia


Dorrea was born from the illusion of two young couples who want to live in the countryside.

After reconstructing the Dorrea farmhouse in Udabe and a farmhouse in Etxaleku, both couples started to produce Latxa sheep cheese, because even then the Idiazabal PDO was being formalized, where they were involved from the very first moment. They grew along with the fame of this same cheese, little by little and with a lot of hard work.

Today the cheese factory is located on the outskirts of the village, next to a small native oak forest in the foothills of the Aralar mountain range. It collects milk daily from 150 shepherds from all over the Basque Country and also has its own Latxa sheep breeding near the cheese factory.

Opening Hours

Monday: 8:30 – 16:00 h
Tuesday: 8:30 – 16:00 h
Wednesday: 8:30 – 16:00 h
Thursday: 8:30 – 16:00 h
Friday: 8:30 – 16:00 h


Virgen del Rosario Street s/n
31869 Udabe, Navarra, AF
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C/ PEDRO I 1, 1º 31007 – PAMPLONA

+34 948 26 84 12
Fax: +34 948 17 27 56