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ANKO Artisan Preserves


Anko is a canning company of high-quality gastronomic products from Navarra that is characterized by the excellence of its raw materials and by a careful production process. With more than 60 years of history, the Prat family has dedicated body and soul to the fascinating world of food, and has made an effort day after day to adapt the artisan methods inherited to the
new technologies and consumer needs. All this has resulted in an artisan canning company that, with the philosophy of offering a healthy and balanced diet, works under the standards of agri-food craftsmanship and corporate social responsibility.

We offer the traditional products of the Navarrese land – artichoke, asparagus, piquillo pepper, thistle, etc.-. but in addition to this we have other more creative proposals. In our catalog you can also find: creams made with various vegetables, vegetables and legumes typical of the Ribera Navarra; piquillo, artichoke, mushroom and asparagus mousses; fruit preserves; sauces; jams…

Essential foods in healthy diets and 100% natural.

Opening Hours

Monday: 8 – 18 h
Tuesday: 8 – 18 h
Wednesday: 8 – 18 h
Thursday: 8 – 18 h
Friday: 8 – 18 h


PI Las Navas, Cl/ Milky Way, 4
31515 cadreita, Navarre, ES


Tel.: +34948836110
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C/ PEDRO I 1, 1º 31007 – PAMPLONA

+34 948 26 84 12
Fax: +34 948 17 27 56