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Artisan duck products

Errotazar is a family business founded in 1986 by brothers Juan Antonio and Fausto Prieto Irazoki.

It is located in Bera, a village in the north of Navarre, bordering French Aquitaine and Guipúzcoa.

After several years of apprenticeship in bakeries in the Landes region of France, we acquired the knowledge and experience to start our company for the production of duck products.

Since then, following an artisan production system, with a careful selection of raw materials, we have been able to create a range of high quality products, which maintain their texture, flavor and nutritional composition until the moment of consumption.

Type of company: Farmers, Cattle farmers and other producers
Type of product offered: Canned and bottled products, Cold meats and patés, Duck products

Opening Hours

Monday: 8:30-13:30 – 16:00-20:00. h
Tuesday: 8:30-13:30 – 16:00-20:00. h
Wednesday: 8:30-13:30 – 16:00-20:00. h
Thursday: 8:30-13:30 – 16:00-20:00. h
Friday: 8:30-13:30 – 16:00-20:00. h


Eztegara Street, 3
31780 Bera, Navarra, AF
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C/ PEDRO I 1, 1º 31007 – PAMPLONA

+34 948 26 84 12
Fax: +34 948 17 27 56