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(Uharte Arakil)



Sustrai Gazatategia was born in 2021 in Uharte Arakil, between the Sierras of Andia and Aralar, with a commitment to close the natural cycle that begins under the earth and ends, in our case in this ancient product that is cheese.

Our herd management is based on the fundamental principle of respect for the land and the animal and the ultimate goal is the self-sufficiency of our farm.

We work our pastures in a natural way, trying to get the best performance from the land, but at the same time taking care of it, without using chemical fertilizers or phytosanitary products. And by carrying out rational, directed and regenerative grazing with our herd.

We transform it into natural and smoked cheese, with the Idiazabal Denomination of Origin, made with the milk produced by the Latxas sheep of our flock.

Our campaign starts with spring, so from the beginning of the campaign our herd can graze fresh grass in the meadows. This natural diet provides our cheeses with more unsaturated fatty acids and Omega 3, beneficial for our organism.



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